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RollerMouse | Ergonomic Cursor and Mouse Control

The RollerMouse: A Revolutionary New Design in Ergonomic Cursor Control

Feel The Difference With the RollerMouse by Contour

Introducing the RollerMouse, the ergonomic alternative to the standard mouse that encourages good posture, helps prevent overreaching and excessive gripping, and can significantly help to reduce the risks of RSI related conditions. It’s comfortable, easy to use and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

This writer was lucky enough to score some quality one-to-one time with this little beauty, and I have to say – it genuinely made a real difference to me in terms of both comfort and workflow.

An old back injury means I personally suffer from some back problems that, whilst generally manageable, are always there. I often have to be very deliberate in my movements; a sudden twist at the wrong time and – *ping!* – my muscles seize up and I’ll be bent double for the next week.

My job – like many jobs – means that I’m sitting down for large portions of the day. With my back injury in mind, I’m always aware of my immediate environment in an ergonomic sense. My posture, for example. Or the angles, distances and general positions of my basic yet essential tools like my keyboard, mouse, notepad and of course cup of tea.

What Is the Rollermouse?

The RollerMouse is an alternative to the traditional mouse and features a gloriously smooth rollerbar across its width, controlling your on-screen cursor with nothing more than the subtlest of finger movements.

Additionally, two large and soft pads provide support to your wrists and palms, whilst a few buttons cluster around the central area, each one well within easy reaching distance of either thumb. These buttons have pre-set functions, however they are are entirely customisable, so you can easily repurpose them to carry out your favourite tasks.

When using the RollerMouse, I absolutely felt a noticeable difference. I was twisting in my seat a lot less; I never felt the need to reach too far for anything; my shoulders felt more centred as I wasn’t favouring any particular side of my body any more. I was even sitting up straighter (which my mother would be pleased about).

It also took almost no time at all to get up and running. Within 15 minutes I had installed and configured the RollerMouse to my preferences, and was back to work at full speed whilst barely missing a beat. I’d say the only thing that really took some getting used to was the rollerbar, but that’s down to the fact that it’s so oddly satisfying and fun to use, and I spent a little while entertaining myself with it. Yes. Simple things. But let’s talk about the features.

The Features

Get Rolling With Pinpoint Precision

The innovative rollerbar slides smoothly and easily beneath your fingertips, enabling for accurate and speedy control of your cursor over large screens – even when using multiple monitors.

Optimum Positioning

Centrally placed, ambidextrous by design and in front of your keyboard, RollerMouse is easy to reach, requires no gripping, and reduces the need for wearing and wasteful twists, turns, reaches and stretches.

Customised Experience to Improve Workflow

Your tools should be a part of your work process – not an obstacle to your performance. The RollerMouse is highly customisable, allowing you to adjust your cursor speed to suit your personal preferences, and customise the easy-to-reach clickable buttons with your favourite functions and shortcuts.

How RollerMouse Can Help Reduce Workplace Induced RSI

There are three key ways that a central pointing device like RollerMouse can help with pre-existing RSI injuries:

Overextension is caused when a traditional mouse is too far away from your body position, resulting in additional strain on the hand, arm and shoulders. RollerMouse allows you to use both hands, in a neutral and relaxed position, close to the body, and efficiently placed next to your keyboard.

Excessive Gripping can also be a characteristic problem with the traditional computer mouse. RollerMouse’s roller-bar design means that the computer cursor can be controlled using just your fingertips. Minimal movement is essential to reducing wear and tear to your shoulders, arms and hands.

Load Sharing is the other key benefit to using RollerMouse over a traditional mouse. Central placement in front of the keyboard allows the user to start to use both hands. This approach means that you don’t need to always use your favoured hand, and proximity to your keyboard means that it’s easy to find shortcut keys whilst still being able to steer your computer cursor.

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