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Many venues provide guest WiFi services to their customers - but what are they getting out of it? As a venue manager, it's important for you to see some value being put back into your business as a result of your guest WiFi. RedHotSpot can provide visitor counts and frequency, user demographics and marketing tools.

Guest WiFi Access for Business

Offer Socially Driven WiFi Access to your Visitors and Customers with Data-Rich Reporting, Analytics and Marketing Tools

As a venue operator or manager, it’s important for you to see some value being put back into your business as a result of your guest WiFi solution. For example, wouldn’t it be great to know how many times people are coming back in, or how often? What about their core demographics, such as age range, gender and even interests? With RedHotSpot, you can find out exactly that.

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Password Free

Provide your guests with safe, easy and quick access to the internet through a dedicated network that’s kept separate from your private one – without having to ask for a password.

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Targeted Communication

Send emails and SMS communications in real-time to visitors in your venue, creating highly targeted messages and engaging with your customers based on behavior and demographics.

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Valuable Feedback

Create micro surveys, design custom splash pages and even enable location detection and floor plan analytics that allow you to monitor and manage how people physically move around your venue.

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RedHotSpot is the perfect guest wifi solution for managed buildings, reception areas, hotels, bars, restaurants, retail locations and leisure venues.
Enable seamless reconnection across your organisation, whether returning to the same venue or another venue that's part of the same group.
The easy check-in-and-share nature of the RedHotSpot guest WiFi service helps to increase business exposure and recognition.

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