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Inferno Sound Barrier Alarm Systems

Stop Intruders in Their Tracks With an Unbearable Wall of Sound

The Inferno Sound Barrier range of products stop intruders in their tracks by creating a frequency of noise that is unbearable to human ears, creating an uninhabitable environment and provoking an autonomic physical response to abandon their objectives and leave the area as quickly as possible.

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Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, with a wide range of available models for all situations. It’s even compatible with all existing alarm makes & types!

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Stop with Sound

Creates an unbearable wall of sound to stop intruders in their tracks with seismic, motion, door contact and anti-shock detection.

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Take Control

It’s quick and easy to set up and install, and can be controlled remotely via the custom app with real-time notifications sent directly to your phone.

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Would-be intruders usually take advantage of a small window of just a few minutes when breaking into a premises before responders arrive on the scene. The Inferno Sound Barrier range reduces this window to mere seconds.
The Inferno Sound Barrier is amazingly versatile - perfect for use in cars and other vehicles, shipping containers, outbuildings, offices warehouses, shops, research and development facilities, power stations and any other area where security is paramount.
You can remotely control and monitor of your Inferno Sound Barrier using the custom app, compatible with any Android, iOS or Windows mobile device.

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