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aerial view of trees

Riviera Networks Joins Treedom – and Starts Planting Trees!

Riviera Networks would like to say a big congratulations to Treedom for being selected by the United Nations as a Top 50 ‘Best Small Business: Good Food for All’ company!

Treedom is the first platform in the world that allows you to plant a tree from a distance and follow the story of the project online. Treedom projects aim to have a positive impact not only on the environment they act on, but also on the people who live there.

We at Riviera Networks are honoured to announce that we have joined with the activities of Treedom, and are have so far planted 16 trees across Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, and Columbia, absorbing 2,185KG of CO2 from the atmosphere – that’s enough to fill 16,808 basketballs!