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Line of Sight internet provides an over-the-air wireless broadband connection to buildings that have a clear line of sight to a dedicated mast.

Wireless Broadband and Line-of-Sight Internet

Line-of-Sight Internet Connectivity Through a Fixed Wireless Access Network

Our Wireless Broadband solutions use line-of-sight radio wave technology to deliver an over-the-air broadband connection directly to your building. Installation times are much quicker, the service is more reliable and there is no need for underground cables.

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What Is Line of Sight Internet?

Quick Installation

Wireless broadband can be installed much quicker than fibre optic because it does not require groundwork with all the potential permits and licences that are typically required.

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Wireless broadband provided over electro-magnetic radio waves tends to be far less affected by external forces such as wind, rain and construction – meaning greater connection reliability.

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Cost Effective

Despite the benefits of wireless broadband, costs are often comparable or even lower than fibre connections. Our wireless installation can offer savings of 20% – 40%over fibre connections.

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Wireless broadband can be connected much quicker than fibre optic because it does not require groundwork and all of the usual licenses and permits. Standard installation times are between 5-10 days.
The electro-magnetic radio waves that enable wireless microwave technology are far less affected by external forces. This means it's easier to maintain and offers greater connection reliability.
Wireless microwave signals are transmitted in straight lines from one point to the next, resulting in exceptionally low latency and transmission speeds of as little as 3ms.

FibreAir Wireless Internet Connectivity

The FibreAir solution is ideal for customers who want to replace their leased line wired services for a quick-to-install over-the-air connection, or those who cannot be served with a leased line wired service due to practical issues such as poor or non-existent ground coverage.

ALWAYS ON Dual Line Connectivity

Our ALWAYS ON solution enables you to experience guaranteed 100% uptime, designed never to go offline – even if your physical cable is damaged.

The ALWAYS ON service uses two diverse networks that operate in parallel to each other, ensuring constant connectivity. Service interruption is detected within just 1 minute, triggering the automatic failover to keep you connected. Excessive external forces such as flooding, construction work or even fire won’t affect your connection.

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