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When it comes to preventing spam and other malicious items such as phishing attempts, email security measures are still falling short in many organisations.

Preventing Spam, Phishing Attempts and Other Internet Pollution

Keep Spam Where it Belongs

Email communications are a critical part of any business. But when it comes to preventing spam and other malicious items such as phishing attempts or virus delivery, email security measures are still falling short in many organisations.

Spam comes thick and fast for a lot of us. A lot of it is instantly recognisable as spam whilst some is more subtle or sneaky. Sometimes it’s pushing a very sketchy sounding service, other times it’s a flagrant attempt at securing your PIN number. Regardless, spam is at best a mild amusing nuisance – and at worst a potentially business-crippling criminal activity.

How Can Spam be Prevented?

Many email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail or Microsoft 365 come built-in with basic anti-spam measures that will screen your emails and place any dodgy looking items in the junk folder. For some, this is good enough. For many, it’s just a matter of time before a button is clicked that shouldn’t have been clicked. If you’re serious about preventing spam then it’s time to start being less reactive, and more proactive.

Introducing SecureTide™ Spam Prevention

SecureTide™ is a fully managed e-mail protection service that prevents up to 99% of spam, phishing attempts, viruses, and other internet pollution from ever reaching your network. Since SecureTide™ is delivered as a service, there is nothing to install, configure or manage. Setup is easy, works effectively on a number of different e-mail platforms and usually takes less than a few hours, regardless of the size of the organisation. Once configured, SecureTide™ provides both inbound and outbound e-mail protection that helps your network remain at optimal levels, free of virus and malware concerns, with little or no interaction from administrators or users.

The SecureTide™ filtering engine is updated thousands of times every day to ensure that your network is protected not only from the threats of today, but also those of tomorrow. And if your server is not accepting e-mail due to Internet connection failures, power outages, natural disasters, internal routing problems, or mail server failures, the SecureTide™ delivery manager will encrypt and queue e-mail until the client server is back online. Did we mention that no contract is required? SecureTide™ truly takes the hassle out of managing your e-mail.

How SecureTide™ Spam Prevention Works

The SecureTide™ filtering system is updated thousands of times per day to ensure protection from even the newest spammer tricks and tactics. It utilizes proprietary detection systems, multiple virus-scanning engines, more than 60 filtering techniques and wave-front detection to rid inbound and outbound email from spam, worms and viruses, as well as protocol-based vulnerabilities. And even though all of this protection takes place in the cloud, tangible results are available every day in your inbox through the Held Spam Report.

As an administrator, you’ll be able to access your account via the cloud from any web browser that’s connected to the internet. Manage your settings, view reports and purge quarantined mail using the innovative and easy interface.

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how preventing spam from reaching your inbox can be achieved using SecureTide™.