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We provide tailored IT support services throughout Essex and London, with flexible packages to suit all budgets and requirements. From start-ups to large enterprises and everything in between, our Wickford based service desk can provide dedicated, reliable IT support to you from a professional, experienced IT company.

Why Good Business IT Support Is Essential

It’s a really great feeling when your office has a brilliant IT load-out. Your cabling is neat, tidy and efficient. Your phone and internet lines are running smoothly. Your office hardware such as PCs and printers are doing their jobs and beep-booping happily along. You might even feel confident enough to make yourself a cup of tea, sit back in your chair and listen contentedly to the noise of… operation. Business IT support? Who needs it?

Until something goes wrong.

And it does go wrong, eventually. Technology is amazing – you don’t have to tell us – but it’s not infallible. Sooner or later it trips up, or falls over. Something breaks, something else comes loose. You might even hear an ominous “boing” noise and witness a strange but worrying spring fly into the air, as is the custom.

So what happens then? Hopefully you have a reliable business IT support solution already in place. Possibly a little hatch immediately opens up in the skirting board and your in-house IT support team arrive to fix whatever it was that unfixed. Maybe you have an external solution on the other end of the phone, ready to respond.

Then again, maybe your current solution is unreliable, can’t be contacted or can’t diagnose and fix the issue. Perhaps you don’t even have a solution. Suddenly your peaceful cup of tea has been ruined and the sound of well oiled business operation has been interrupted by a loud and final “CLONK!”

The best time to review your current situation is now – before the “clonk”. And when you do review your situation, think about what would happen if a PC broke down, or your phone lines stopped working, or even if a fire broke out. Are you prepared with a fit-for-purpose business IT support solution? If not, then we recommend getting in touch with us to speak about our IT support and maintenance solutions.

Here are just some of the areas that we cover with our business IT support packages:

  • IT Cabling and Infrastructure
  • Phone and Internet Connections
  • Local and Wireless Networks
  • Email Setup and Management
  • Hardware Provision
  • Visitor Management
  • UPS Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Audio/Visual
  • Consumables

We’ll work with you to review your current situation, and identify those problem areas that could cripple your day to day business operations if they suddenly let you down. We’ll offer a range of options to suit your needs – and your budget – so you can decide which is the best way to go. Leaving you free to get back to that cuppa…