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Why You Should Be Offering Guest WiFi To Your Customers

Everybody wants to feel connected. How many times have you walked into a coffee shop, restaurant or even office building and asked if they have WiFi? Guest WiFi access provides us, as customers, with dedicated access to the internet so that we can update our profiles, upload images, send emails and look at many (many) pictures of cats without having to use up any of our precious data allowance.

Before we continue, let’s talk about the wrong way to provide guest WiFi access to your customers…

The worst guest WiFi services force us to ask the mustachio’d Hercules-lookalike behind the bar/counter/reception desk what the password is, only for him to ask his supervisor who in turn has to ask his manager who has to try and remember it. The password is then hastily scribbled down (it was “qwerty” by the way) onto a piece of paper spooled from the nearest receipt printer.

You go back to your seat, find the guest WiFi network and log in, only to find that the connection is flakey and kicks you off every few minutes. When you are connected you find the speed to be slow and sluggish, with web pages (and the many pictures of cats) taking an age to load. Frustrating, no?

Introducing RedHotSpot

From a customer’s perspective we want – nay, deserve – better than this. That’s where RedHotSpot comes in.

RedHotSpot is a guest WiFi service that provides us with speedy connections and uninterrupted service so that we can work, play and socialise online – seamlessly and without distraction. Connect easily by completing a quick signup form, or even by using your favourite social media account – you don’t even need to find out the password. Hercules over there can be left in peace and you haven’t even had to leave your seat.

RedHotSpot Guest WiFi for Business

From a venue perspective, providing guest WiFi access to your customers is all very well and good, but what can you expect to get out of it as a business?

The first obvious consideration is that customers will feel more inclined to return to your premises if they know they have safe, high performance access to the internet available to them. They may even invite their friends, and by word of mouth your business will start to become known as being a reliable source of guest WiFi hotspot access. But is there more to it for a business owner? Of course there is.

Social Guest WiFi

It’s already been mentioned here that RedHotSpot guest WiFi  allows the user to connect and sign in via their favourite social media account. However, what happens in the background is far more interesting to a business owner.

When a user signs up in this method, they connect with your business on a social level. This means that not only can they easily share with their friends that they’re currently at your venue, but you’ll also be able to gather their demographic data such as gender, age range and interests. That’s valuable stuff, and will give you a quantifiable snapshot of your customer base in realtime that you can use for your marketing strategies.

Guest WiFi Analytics

As users log into and use your guest WiFi network, RedHotSpot will collect and record analytical data such as session counts, dwell times, bounce rates, return visits and more. This will give you a valuable insight into customer behavioural patterns, leading to a greater understanding of how demographics move within your space. You can also cross-reference this information with the social data you’re gathering, enabling you to truly understand your venue in a whole new way.

Guest WiFi Marketing

The ability to gather and analyse data from your RedHotSpot customers is great, but now it’s time to reach out to them with some highly targeted and engaging marketing communications.

Your RedHotSpot portal will serve as your data-centre and activity hub. From there you can send personalised SMS and email messages to customers who are currently in your venue, or have previously visited. Create personalised messages and engage with your customers based on behavior and demographics. The result? Incredibly bespoke and effective marketing campaigns.

As an example, you can create a campaign to text or email customers who have a birthday coming up, offering them a free bottle of bubbly if they celebrate in your venue with their friends.

…and so much more

We’ve covered the basics of what having a robust and feature-rich guest WiFi hotspot such as RedHotSpot can do for you, but that’s just the start. From micro surveys to custom splash pages and even location detection and floor plan analytics that allow you to monitor and manage how people physically move around your venue, the possibilities are many.

So if you truly want to give your customers, clients and guests an amazing guest WiFi experience whilst gathering essential demographic and marketing data then speak to us about RedHotSpot.