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4 Ways Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Transforming Businesses

It’s Just the Beginning for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is now well established within the gaming industry, but lowering start-up costs and an increased appetite for improved user experience is driving wider adoption in many other sectors.

In fact, by 2021, the VR industry is expected to grow to a value of £801 million.

Augmented Reality (AR), which uses digital elements to enhance the world we see, is making waves in areas such as retail, industrial and the design and creative space.

From workplace training to virtual property viewings, VR and AR is allowing both employees and customers to visualise and experience things in a whole new way.

Here we look at 4 areas and how they’re using these technologies to enhance user experiences.

Property Viewings

How many times has a photo matched your real-life view of something?  Probably not very often.

London based estate agents Foxtons realised this back in 2006 when they introduced 360-degree virtual tours which could be viewed on multiple devices.  It allowed viewers to navigate around the property itself, as well as the outside, grounds and road.

Since then AR use in real estate has gone from strength to strength.  In 2017, IKEA Place was launched, allowing users to virtually decorate using furniture from their online catalogue.

Workplace Training

VR training allows employees to experience scenarios in a safe, realistic setting.  Highly detailed setups can be produced which would otherwise be costly and challenging to prepare.

Ford has used VR to produce mock-ups of cars with great success, whilst DHL Express worked with Immerseto build a VR training platform to improve unit load device (ULD) stacking.

Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing has struggled to fully replace the interactivity of face-to-face meetings.  But VR allows us to go one step further and start to truly bridge the gap between the two.

MeetinVR allows colleagues to present and review products such as 3D models, prototypes and hold powerful team-building exercises.

It’s Just the Beginning for VR and AR

This is just the beginning for VR and AR in business.  We look forward to the exciting new ways these technologies can continue to enhance peoples lives.