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Choosing the Best Business Broadband Deal

Choosing the Best Business Broadband Deal

No matter the size of your organisation, having reliable and consistent access to the internet is critical to keeping informed with, staying connected to and doing business with the outside business world. But when it comes to choosing the best business broadband deal, how can you know which is the right one for you?


At some point, it all comes down to the cost. It’s often one of the first things that business broadband shoppers will consider, and while we always want the best solution at the lowest cost sometimes this just isn’t feasible, and we need to find a sweet spot that we can live with.

Sometimes the truth is that if you want to enjoy the benefits of truly high speed internet, such as network priority at peak times over the casual domestic users then you may have to pay a more premium price. It’s up to you to decide if this is important enough for you to make room in your budget.


Your business broadband speed should match the objectives and activities of an every-day scene in your office. It depends on the size, nature and goals of your business. If you aim too low with limited upload and download speeds then you and your employees may find yourselves becoming increasingly frustrated with slow and sluggish connections. Aim too high, and you’ll end up paying over for a service that you’re not making full use of.

A good service provider will consult with you and help determine the best business broadband deal for your needs. You should allow yourself some wiggle room as well by aiming just a little higher than your average daily use – for those days where spikes in activity mean you need to push the service a little harder.


Whichever service provider you’re with, it’s only a matter of time before you need some support.

The best business broadband service providers also include some level of support in their packages but some many fail to live up to the promise with poor customer service, long wait times and dreaded call centres.

Consider the issues that could arise with your business broadband, and the fallout that would occur in the event of a technical fault. What would the impact be on your business? How much could you lose? Does your support service include anti-virus software and anti-spam email screening? (Hint: it should.)


The price, speed and support of your business broadband service won’t mean much if it’s not reliable. The last thing you want is to be paying premium rates for access to the internet only to have the connection kick you out every half hour, or even to all of a sudden disappear completely, leaving your business stranded without any access at all.

Ensure that your service provider has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. And – in the cases where something has gone terribly wrong – find out the lengths that they’ll go to in order to fix it for you, treating you as a priority customer.

So What Is the Best Business Broadband Deal?

The answer what is the best business broadband deal is up to you – but it starts with taking a look at the needs and objectives of your business. Each case will be different, since the logistics from business to business will be unique (factoring in location, budget, size, building type and so much more).

A good ISP will ask the right questions, and provide you with a solution that best fits your needs. So if you’re thinking it’s time to look into finding the best business broadband deal for your organisation, why not start with us? Give us a call to find out how we can help.