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WatchGuard Security Services

Riviera Networks – Registered Partners of WatchGuard Security

We at Riviera Networks are proud to announce that we are now official registered partners of WatchGuard – the world’s leading providers of network and cybersecurity technology solutions.

Protect your business, your staff and your customers with an unbelievably wide range of network security options ranging from comprehensive virus and malware protection to full scale, network-wide multi-platform protection. Keep your assets, accounts and user identities secure with WatchGuard’s enhanced multi-factor authentication tool – AuthPoint. Shield your network from malicious traffic and stop hackers in their tracks with powerful perimeter protection. Safeguard your inbox against spam, phishing and other email attacks with best-in-class email screening and quarantine protocols.

Now your business can finally achieve enterprise level network security without paying enterprise level prices by taking advantage of the Riviera Networks partnership with WatchGuard.

Contact us today to find out how to secure your business against network security threats.