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Riviera Networks deliver integrated intelligent buildings projects ranging from simple shared cabling models through to full IP integration of systems.

Intelligent Buildings

Manage Your Building With Intelligent Systems and Tools

Over the past few years building owners and operators have become more aware of the benefits of intelligent buildings. By leveraging existing or proposed IP networks we can enable you greater access and flexibility to traditional building management systems and tools.

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Consolidate your services and maximise efficiency across almost every technical aspect of your building including CCTV, access control, power monitoring, lighting control, pedestrian counting, email, visitor management and UPS monitoring.

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Intelligent building solutions are designed and intended to take advantage of existing or proposed networks, simplifying frameworks, models and infrastructures and ultimately optimising energy efficiency and running costs.

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Your intelligent building solution needs to be tailored not only to your exact requirements, but also to the building and networks within. Each project is unique, and requires a flexible approach from an experienced consultant.

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Riviera Networks have delivered numerous integrated intelligent building projects over the last few years ranging from simple shared cabling models through to full IP integration of systems.
Workspaces are getting smarter and Riviera Networks are at the forefront of integrating your intelligent building with smart workspaces. Visitor Management: Room/Desk Booking, Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, and Asset Management; can all be integrated under one platform to give you true visibility and control of your building. Click Here to See How
Whether it be proactive remote monitoring and administration of your utilities, services and systems or reductions in staffing costs by centralising certain functions of several buildings, our years of experience can help.

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