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At Riviera Networks we are greatly experienced in providing comms room design and installation services to buildings throughout London and the South East.

Comms Room Design

Communications Room, Server Room and Data Centre Design and Installation Services for London and Essex

At Riviera Networks we are greatly experienced in providing comms room design and installation services to buildings throughout London and the South East. Our solutions allow for all situations, carefully taking into consideration all aspects of the project such as room location, available space, power consumption, temperature control and – of course – safety.

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The Best Equipment

We use only the best equipment for the job, and have a wide range available for every eventuality or situation. We’ll source, install and set up everything you need for your comms room, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Detailed Strategy

We’ll consider your comms room from all angles, taking into account environmental, logistical and practical considerations such as available space, energy efficiency, accessibility, temperature control and – of course – safety.

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Tailored Approach

No two server or comms rooms are alike. We’ll plan your project from start to finish, and provide full objective-led project management with our innovative problem-solving approach and design methods.

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To maintain comms room temperatures the usual approach is to deliver cooled air at a sufficient volume and temperature. We approach this challenge by looking at heat removal rather than cooling provision, drastically reducing the amount of power required to maintain a stable environment.

A recent project involved 54 server racks, with this method of temperature control resulting in a 10% reduction in plant power consumption.
We employ an innovative LED lighting solution for comms rooms, with the space being powered entirely by the IT equipment itself. This makes the room effectively free to light.

Full IP control is available to these systems from any desktop on the network, as well as traditional controls such as motion sensing. This is a significant step towards greener buildings in an increasingly environmentally aware world.
A room's location within a building is a major deciding factor when considering the design of a comms room. Generally speaking, it's important to choose a room that sits central within the building, away from exterior walls, top floors or ground floors.

Not only will this help to protect the comms room and equipment in the event of floods, leaks or condensation, a central room is also more conveniently placed in relation to the surrounding rooms when considering the infrastructure logistics.

Critical for the reliable operation of any business, communications rooms are often designed by M&E consultants with traditional views and approaches. Our in depth understanding of the environment and the equipment within allows us to design comms and server room solutions to suit specific requirements. Cooling, power protection and use of space are usually the key design focus for comms rooms. With our partners such as APC we a have suite of products to not only maximise the efficiency of the space available but also to reduce the utility running costs associated with it.

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