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WatchGuard Secure Cloud WiFi

Secure Cloud-Managed WiFi

Our Secure Wi-Fi + Your Business = Endless Possibilities

Technology has changed the way everyone does business. Organisations of all types and across all industries are facing increased pressure from customers, vendors, and even employees to offer secure and fast wireless access. Wi-Fi is a necessity that has become all about convenience, security, and performance. As registered WatchGuard partners we don’t just offer Wi-Fi connectivity, we offer enterprise-grade security, increased productivity, and improved customer satisfaction.

When you deploy a WatchGuard access point that has Wi-Fi Cloud enabled with a Secure Wi-Fi or Total Wi-Fi license, you unlock the full potential of your WatchGuard access points with powerful Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS), real-time, business-driven analytics, and valuable engagement and marketing tools.

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Verified Comprehensive Security

WatchGuard is the only vendor to automatically protect your business from the six known Wi-Fi threat categories. The patented Wireless Intrusion Prevention System defends your airspace 24/7 from rogue access points, rogue clients, misconfigured access points, unauthorised devices, and more.

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Guest Wi-Fi & Marketing ROI

WatchGuard provides a complete guest Wi-Fi solution with not only secure Wi-Fi access, but a unique way to onboard guest users of your Wi-Fi – including integration with social networks, and built-in templates to create beautiful splash pages without any design or web development skills.

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Engage and Interact

Communicate and connect with your audience like never before. With Wi-Fi Cloud’s business-driven analytics, your organization can gain insights on user presence and behavior to help the marketing department make smart decisions about storefront displays, campaigns, and guest engagement.

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The WatchGuard Wi-Fi Cloud environment can take your business from one to an unlimited number of access points across multiple locations, with no controller infrastructure. Template-based management and reporting is a breeze with a hierarchical-based structure enabling many ways of grouping, including location, building, floor, and customer.
No matter what your wireless battleground is – remote offices, guest Wi-Fi, corporate access, public hotspots, outdoor environments – WatchGuard has a range of access points to fit your business needs.
The GO mobile web experience allows you to manage your wireless networks using any mobile device. Managing customer engagement is entirely integrated with standard features enabling simple set-up of customized splash pages and personalized customer promotions.

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