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Why Artificial Intelligence Should be Welcomed in Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly making its way into our everyday lives, sometimes without us even realising it.  Whether it’s working magic behind the scenes to personalise our social media experience or adjusting the home thermostat, AI is everywhere we look.

But whilst consumer AI products have been mostly met with excitement and intrigue, the use of AI in business has led to some concerns of future mass unemployment.  But how big of a problem is this?  And what benefits can AI bring to help reduce the concerns of employees and other decision makers?

Will AI Cause Mass Unemployment? 

Concerns of robots taking over the world may sound like a conversation reserved for the big screen, but there are genuine concerns that the rapid rise of AI could lead to mass unemployment and even civil unrest.

With the AI market set to grow to a whopping $190 billion industry by 2025, is now the time to plan how we’ll adapt to a world of intelligent automation?

AI technology has a long way to go before it replaces humans in many areas, particularly the creative industries and highly complex jobs.  But there are also ethical reasons growth could be slower than expected for some sectors.  The learning nature of AI could reinforce racial or gender bias, for examples, leading to discrimination.

Automation technology has been growing for years and humans have adapted with no mass job losses.  It is likely AI will be no different, with augmentation helping us focus on less mundane tasks.

In fact, a report by Accenture estimates that new applications of AI combined with human collaboration could boost employment worldwide as much as 10% by 2020.

How Can AI Help Employees?

Artificial intelligence can support employees in many ways.  Here’s just a few examples of AI solutions that are already successfully transforming the workplace:

  • Textio aids recruiters by combining data from the company’s previously created job posts with similar job ads. It then cleverly suggests changes to wording and formatting to gain more interest from job-seekers.
  • DeliveryBot, created by mobility experts Segway, is an indoor delivery robot that can adapt to any indoor environment.
  • Syniverse is offering early access to its AI-powered chatbot builders to deliver Rich Business Messaging.

AI in the workplace isn’t something employees should be rejecting.  Instead of replacing jobs, it helps people work more efficiently, allowing them to focus on tasks which truly need human attention.